A note of sincere thanks for the beautiful house that you have built for us. We so appreciate all the time, effort and hard work in our behalf. It looks perfect thanks to your professionalism plus the great work of your crew. We are so fortunate to have you as our builder and neighbor.

Jackie and Mike

Dear Dave,

Believe it or not, this is my final "Dear Dave" letter to you on this project. Susan and I just wanted to again thank you, Wilbur, Marge, Mark, Chris, and everyone else who participated in building our house for doing such an outstanding job with ALL aspects of this project. We couldn't be happier with how this all came together and resulted in a house that was even better than we had imagined - which was hard to do!

All the subcontractors you used not only knew their trade inside and out - but were very pleasant to deal with and were all very customer oriented and all performed VERY high quality work. You told me early on that you align yourselves with people that you trust and you know their work and quality - and boy were you right - and it showed. Please thank all those folks who worked on this for us and let them know that we appreciated the pride they showed in their work - and the outstanding results!! You work with a group of very talented people.

A Special thanks to Mark Smith who put in about 12,000 miles of wire in this house. I still don't know how he kept everything straight but it sure turned out well and we were extremely happy with how easy he was to deal with and how customer focused he was. For such an electrically complex project, Mark made it look easy and he is an excellent electrician.

Also, a special "thank you" to your crew. Chris, Rudy, Walt, Michael, Jim - your team was amazing to watch and deal with. They are masters at building and are true craftsmen and professionals. From the quality and soundness of the framing and structure, to the delicate detail of the molding and trim work - they know their stuff. I learned early on that the soundness and trueness of what they built was not in question - they insisted that things were done correctly - we didn't have to. Their pride in their work was evident all the was through the project.

As for you, Dave - you're simply "the best". You organized, thought through, orchestrated, problem solved, scheduled, built, coached and interfaced extremely effectively. You have a great ability to foresee problems and issues before they arise and get them resolved early so the job goes smoothly. I wish we had more people at my place of employment who were as customer service oriented as you are. Your attention to detail and insistence on top quality and doing things right came out loud and clear through all parts of this job. As you know, I am extremely detail oriented, I knew many design details in this house and I stayed very close to this project all the way through, not because I had to, but because I wanted too and enjoyed it. But, I learned very quickly, that I didn't need to stay close to this work, because you were. We also appreciated your great patience with us during this project. As you know, we worked many details to death - but, you were very understanding of us! Its nice to go through a project like this with people that you just truly like and respect - and we sure felt that way about you and your team! You just cant find any more competent of hard working and dedicated people than you folks.

I also found you and Wilbur to be very straight forward and "honest and the day is long". Unfortunately, there are builders and horror stories of poor projects and shoddy workmanship and short cuts, etc. which can make people leery of all builders. However, one thing was very obvious throughout this job - you can trust Dave and Wilbur Smith with anything!!!

From our experience with you, we would highly recommend you to anyone who is building a house. I'M sure there are builders who will under bid you on various houses. However, if a customer wants a top notch builder ( the best in the area), who has outstanding quality, who can be trusted to do what he says, who is extremely customer oriented, who has pride in his and his team's work, who makes a job go smoothly ( and actually enjoyable), who delivers excellent value for the price and who loves what he does (and it shows) - then there is only one choice: Smith Custom Builders Inc. Obviously, you've made us great fans of yours!! You can always use us as a reference for anyone who has a question about you.

Again, thanks for a super project, I know I'll see you from time to time but just wanted to take a minute and let you know how both Susan and I feel about you and your team's work. We can't wait to move in.

Jim & Susan Cook

Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your prompt response and installation. We are very pleased with the door and always impressed with the quality of your work.

Dan Griffith

We greatly appreciate your promptness with our project and the quality of your work. Be assured any future needs of this type or greater will have your company involved.

Thank you.

Robert Bates